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HuntStreet is your one-stop online destination for authentic brand new and pre-owned luxury fashion. It is the only Indonesian-based marketplace platform to offer a comprehensive product offering of bags, shoes, accessories, and clothes for women, men, and kids. We are committed to the highest customer service and providing the most value to our buyers and consignors.


The idea for HuntStreet was conceived during a shopping trip by two of the founding partners. Carrying armfuls of shopping bags filled with impulse purchases, they wondered what they could do with the purchases they regretted. Struggling to find a solution for their overstuffed closets of unused items, they saw a need for a trustworthy and credible online platform that could facilitate the buying and selling of pre-owned luxury goods. In July 2015, was born.


To build a safe and secure digital ecosystem for fashion hunters and to provide a one-stop solution for all their luxury fashion needs.


Guided by a commitment to authenticity and customer service, HuntStreet seeks to provide the Indonesian market with a new marketplace for buyers to access an expanded choice of lower-than-retail-price luxury fashion and for sellers to reach a market for their items.


Our business is driven by the following values: Simplicity, Sincerity, Safety, Service, and Savings that applies to both our buyers and sellers:

Values: Buyer Implications: Seller Implications:
Simple User-friendly website and check-out process Easy consignment process
Sincere Honest and easy transactions, transparent prices and product information Transparent appraisal and commission rates
Safe 100% guarantee of authenticity and confidentiality. Guaranteed timely delivery. 100% guarantee of secure storage and insurance against product damages/theft
Service Personal response rate within 24 hours for inquiries Initial appraisals within 2-3 working days; payment and notice of sold items within 7 working days
Save Lower-than-retail prices Low commission rates